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Full Bore Trivia


Full Bore with front label
Full Bore Motocross Boots
Lug Soled Full Bore

7 Buckle Full Bore Trivia Summary
Updated:  April 4, 2000
Thanks to Chris Pappas for additional information.

Below is a brief summary of various items and how they changed from model to model.   Please keep in mind that the dates are only an estimate and more importantly, all items did not change at the same time.  For example the 3d Front Metal Plate was used on some later 2d Models.  This was also true for the 3d Rear Metal Plate which, additionally, was not used on later 3d Models.

Confused?  Just use this as a guide to put the various items in chronological order.  I will update this section and make changes as I receive more information.   Let me know if you think I am wrong.  There were many minor variations of these items, but these are the basic changes.  There are many more pictures and details by clicking on the various boots pictured on the Full Bore Boots page.

For Battlestar Galactica fans, the boots used on the TV series would generally have the items pictured in the 3d Model column, but there were some variations.

Model >


1st Model


2d Model


3d Model


Buckles >

Original Buckle
old type buckle
Clasp without rollers
flat buckle
Roller Buckle
rollers added

Metal Guard >

Original No Metal Guard
no metal guard
Small Plate
smaller plate
Large Plate
larger plate

Front Metal Plate >

No Plate on Front

stripes with or
without plate

Front Metal Plate
stripes with plate

Rear Metal Plate >

First Real Label
original back plate
Rear Plate 2d Version
back plate
Rear metal label used on most model 2 & 3
later models - no plate

Top Front
2 or 3 Rows >

Same as one
to right

2 rows stitching

2 rows stitching

3 rows stitching on later models

Horizontal Stripes >

No Horizontal Strips
no side stripes
Horizontal Strips
side stripes

Same strips as left.
side stripes

Note on Horizontal Strips:

Both the 2d Model and the 3d Model had the same horizontal strips.  Notice that the 3d Model did not have the rear plate on the later versions.  Also most of the earlier 2d Models did not the horizontal strips.  They were just like the 1st Model with only the vertical strips.

no rear plate


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