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Combat Boots


Army Boots

Army (combat) boots have been around for a long time.  They have found their way into street wear and also for motorcycle riding.  Below are a few examples of military boots dating back to the 1950's.  The first three pairs are all from the 50's and feature the classic box toe.  The fourth pair is a genuine pair of Corcoran Jump boots.  Anyone in the service during the 50 and 60 remember these sharp boots.   They were always considered a step above the standard GI issue.

Pair #6 is from the 1970's and the Army boot looses the traditional box toe and goes to the plain toe.  The dates were usually stamped or printed on combat boots making the dates known for most of the boots below.

Anybody remember the army cadence?

"Coon skin and alligator hide,
makes a pair of jump boots just the right size,
don't be afraid to put them on your feet,
a good pair of jump boots can't be beat!"

Thanks to Brg

Click each small picture for larger and additional pictures of each classic boot!

Army Boots

Army Boots

Big Army Boots

Corcoran Jump Boots

1.  Combat Boots
1956 or 58
12.5 R

2.  Combat Boots
1956 or 58
12.5 R

3.  Combat Boots
13.5 XW

4.  Corcoran Jump Boots
11.5 C

Well worn Army Boots

Army Boots


5.  Combat Boots
1950's or 60's
10 R

6.  Combat Boots
12.5 XN







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