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The Featured Pages of this web site are being removed.  All the boots on the Featured Pages are also on other pages of this site.


The Classic Engineer (Motorcycle) Boot!


If you are in a hurry and only have time to check out just a few of the Engineer Boot pictures, this page is for you.  This page features 12 pairs of Engineer Boots that are also pictured on the other pages, but these boots are some of the more unique, more notable, from special friends, very old, very new, my favorites, etc.  If you only have time for one page in this section, then please enjoy these 12 pairs of boots.  These will change from time to time.  Other large Boot Collection sections also contain a Featured Boots page.  Look for the red stars.

Click each small picture for larger and additional pictures.

The first four pairs are 17" boots all made by Chippewa around 1970 through 1980 and sold under the name of Harley Davidson, Easyrider, and Chippewa.  The third pair is very rare and features the red top trim.  These were only made around 1978 to 1980.  The fourth pair is a very classic size 13 old favorite.

1sp. Harley Davidson
by Chippewa

2sp. 20 year old Chippewa
Never Worn!

3sp. Unique "Red Top"

4sp. Classic Chippewa
Size 13

This row features the standard height engineers.  The first three pairs were all made by Chippewa also.  The first and third pair were sold by Sears.  These three pairs date back to 1970 or earlier.  The third pair is the oldest featuring a leather sole and soft toes.

The last pair in this row is a new pair of Red Wing engineers that were a favorite pair of work boots from a fellow biker met at Sturgis a few years back.

5sp. Chippewa
Size 10.5
Classic Logger Style

6sp. Harley Davidson
by Chippewa
Size 13 - Steel Toe

7sp. Sears Soft Toes
Size 12
Early 1970's

8sp. Beat Up Red Wings
Size 13
Old Work Boots

This row features other brands including some very special and classic Wesco boots.  The first pair is from the 70's and is 20" tall with four top straps.  The second pair is a well worn pair of 18" Wesco's from a Harley mechanic in Colorado.  The last two pairs were made by Red Wing in the 1980's or early 1990's and sold by Easyrider under the name of "."   These are very sharp looking engineer boots, whether they be the new pair or the well used pair.

9sp. 20" WESCO - 1970's
4 Top Buckles, Size 12
Very Special

10sp. WESCO's

11sp. New Easyrider
by Red Wing

12sp. Easyrider 11
"an old favorite"
by Red Wing


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